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These rules apply to, breaking any of these rules may lead into a punishment.
  •     Staff decisions are final. Do not question the staff's decision.
  •     You are not allowed to share, trade or sell your forum account.
  •     Do not post inappropriate content. (NSFW/Gore/Porn is not welcome.)
  •     You are not allowed to upload any type of a virus, such as rats, keyloggers etc.
  •     We do not tolerate scammers, we will take serious action against you if you are trying to scam someone      on
  •     Do not mention other cheat providers anywhere on the forums.
  •     Do not impersonate any staff member, if you do so we will take serious action.
  •     Please, do not beg for subscriptions/accounts or else.
  •     No Doxxing/DDosing or anything similar.
  •     Do not spam our forums with pointless threads.
  •     Do not spam the shoutbox.
  •     Selling is not allowed as of 07.12.2017. (There will be a marketplace soon)
  •     Do not be disrespectful to anyone.

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