by raven at 01-09-2018, 02:11 PM
We are happy to announce, that the first version of our CS:GO Cheat has been built.

You will be able to purchase & use it soon.



Disclaimer: is not responsible for any account bans, such as overwatch bans/vac bans or any other type of punishments you can get for cheating. If you are cheating, there is always a risk of getting banned so please make sure to get known to the risks of cheating you can find them here
by raven at 01-09-2018, 02:09 PM
These rules apply to, breaking any of these rules may lead into a punishment.
  •     Staff decisions are final. Do not question the staff's decision.
  •     You are not allowed to share, trade or sell your forum account.
  •     Do not post inappropriate content. (NSFW/Gore/Porn is not welcome.)
  •     You are not allowed to upload any type of a virus, such as rats, keyloggers etc.
  •     We do not tolerate scammers, we will take serious action against you if you are trying to scam someone      on
  •     Do not mention other cheat providers anywhere on the forums.
  •     Do not impersonate any staff member, if you do so we will take serious action.
  •     Please, do not beg for subscriptions/accounts or else.
  •     No Doxxing/DDosing or anything similar.
  •     Do not spam our forums with pointless threads.
  •     Do not spam the shoutbox.
  •     Selling is not allowed as of 07.12.2017. (There will be a marketplace soon)
  •     Do not be disrespectful to anyone.
by raven at 01-09-2018, 02:08 PM
Hello, these are the risks you take when cheating.
  •         Do not cheat on your main steam account.
    At any random time our cheat can get detected, so you should never cheat on your main account as it will most likely get banned if you use our cheat and it gets detected a few days after. Although we strive to keep it undetected, there is always that risk.
  •         Do not link multiple accounts with the same phone number.
    If you have linked multiple accounts with the same phone number, and one of these gets banned then all of your accounts will be banned. (VAC and Overwatch)
  •         Try to play legit, review your Gameplay over and over again till you think you are legit enough.
    One of the typical reason you might get a Overwatch ban from is cheating unlegit. That pretty much means, looking trough walls and aiming on enemies or just pre-firing on enemies. You should try to play as legit as possible!
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